Successful organizations manage their liquidity by deploying it strategically to maximize their returns. If your organization is looking to earn attractive returns on your surplus liquidity, SAMAA FINANCE have Corporate Deposit scheme, to help you manage your excess funds. Our Corporate Deposit scheme not only enables you to earn attractive returns but also maintain access to your liquidity. Regulated by the Central Bank of UAE, SAMAA FINANCE offers Corporate Deposits for varying tenors and interest rates that provide you flexibility in managing your liquidity.

How does it work?

Terms and conditions will govern the deposits accepted by SAMAA FINANCE from corporate customers. The key aspects are highlighted below.

• Minimum deposit amount of AED 1 Million.

• Tenor from 6 months – 5 years.

• Early termination of the deposit is allowed subject to terms and conditions.

Is my deposit safe?

SAMAA FINANCE is subsidiary of financially strong shareholder (Al Hail Holding Group) which is one of the leading companies in UAE. SAMAA FINANCE is regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, ensuring that it maintains sufficient liquidity as well as a strong capital base in order for it to meet all of its financial commitments and also to continue investing in SAMAA’s tried and tested business model. In addition, SAMAA is proud of its long-standing relationships with prominent regional banks who help ensure stability in our liquidity and capital structure.

Are the interest rates fixed for the tenor of the deposit?

The interest rate will be communicated to the customer at the time of taking a deposit and will remain fixed during the tenor of such deposit. However, if there is an early termination by the customer then the interest rate paid on the deposit will be reduced by 1% per annum.

How will you withdraw your deposit at maturity?

The corporate customer, at the time of placing the deposit will mention the instructions to be followed on maturity. SAMAA FINANCE will then transfer the funds to the customer’s bank account on maturity.

Also you can withdraw your deposits before the maturity date, the deposit can be withdrawn by giving notice of 10 business days. In such a case the interest to be paid on the deposit will be reduced by 1% per annum.

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